1000 Paths @ Museum of Biblical Art

Documentation and excerpts of 1000 Paths (To The Divine), commissioned for the show ‘Back To Eden: Contemporary Artists Wander the Garden’ at the Museum of Biblical Art, NYC. (2014)

1000 Paths is an animated video projection depicting an abstract cycle of cosmogenesis -- from void, to chaos, to creation, to dissolution -- central to which is the motif of an efflorescing 'Tree of Life'. Inspired by the iconology of traditional Christian and Gnostic sacred art, as well as early modernist occult/spiritualist abstract art, 1000 Paths is “the universe of space and time … a psychedelic light show that spectacularly evokes the Creation.” (Ken Johnson, New York Times).

Permanent collection, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC.



Above, 1000 Paths installed at the Museum of Biblical Art (NYC) during ‘Back to Eden’.
Photo by Ozier Muhammed for the New York Times.

Below, 1000 Paths installed as part of the permanent collection at the Museum of the Bible.