Moving Image Art

Swell Patterns

The boundaries of this unique screen act as container and generator for intersecting algorithmic patterns. Contoured sculptural textures evoke shifting visual scales: the flow of tidal forces, landscape topography, and fibrous networks of bodily tissue and arteries. This ten minute long ‘snapshot’ represents a potentially infinite microverse of generative form.

Swell Patterns at UMW Media Wall

Documentation of a site-specific animation made for the uniquely framed video wall in the UMW Media Wall Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA, 2018. The UMW Media Wall features a rotating monthly exhibition of video art featuring 2-3 selected artists.

The boundaries of this videowall presented an interesting challenge. The edges of the physical screen are extruded inward, into virtual space, creating a kind of trompe l’oeil frieze, or Wunderkammer inspired by Cornell Boxes. Within this ‘box’ algorithmic patterns are bestowed dimension, illumination and motion; hand-animated elements are introduced into the system, creating a fantastical interplay of form and a final embryonic emergence.