Moving Image Art

Ornamental Wall Projections

A series of looping floral animations inspired by medieval tapestries and the decorative textile designs of William Morris. These were part of a larger body of work of “digital wallpapers” which addressed contemporary moving imagery as a public, architectural, experiential concern — “expanded cinema” in the realm of daily life.

O.W.P. at NY Media Center

Shown here is documentation of panoramic videos installed at the Made In NY Media Center, Brooklyn NY, January 2018. The Media Center has a multiple-projector system which seamlessly wraps ultra-widescreen content around a curved wall that links the public, exhibition & office areas of the Center together.

These works were originally created as stage backdrop visuals in 2006, and have been upscaled, adapted and expanded several times over the years, according to the increasing demands of display technology and specificity of the exhibition.