Moving Image Art


A series of animations exploring the symbol of the ‘cross’ strictly as a graphic icon that remains fixed within a generative field of “whirling forces” (Klee) — a field of metamorphic, contoured forms in a state of cyclical production and erasure. In this case, the videowall’s apparent triptych structure lent itself inevitably to the mythical/religious narratives which I had attempted (impossibly) to avoid.

Golgotha at NY Media Center

Exhibited here is a series of unique 6K wide animations made for the videowall in the gallery at Made In NY Media Center in Brooklyn, NY, January 2018.

The wall’s panoramic dimensions inspired the flowing landscape and geometric forms that envelop the cross symbols, lending a narrative weight to an otherwise abstract animation. The story of Golgotha (“place of the skull”) suggested itself during production, as the screen took on the role as a kind of triptych or trompe l’oeil frieze —a pictorial framing device for spiritual narratives.