Moving Image Art

Cities & The Sky #2

Cities & The Sky #2 is part of a series of site-specific, looping video works exploring shifting scales and perspectives of landscape, sky, and dynamic geometric forms. Fluid geographic fields undulate and evolve, revealing architectural elements, roiling clouds and radiating vectors traversing the terrain.

Cities & The Sky (Unkai) at Willis Tower

This piece was commissioned as a permanent artwork installed in the front office of a company on the 80th floor of the Willis Tower in downtown Chicago. The work was inspired by the dramatic panoramic views of the skyline and lake visible from the lobby’s surrounding windows.

The subtitle of the work, unkai (“sea of clouds”), refers to the phenomena of viewing a wide landscape from above the cloud line. When looking at the vast Chicago lakefront cityscape from 1000 feet up, the unkai concept seemed to resonate. The animation develops slowly, meditatively, revealing different details over time across its wide field of view.