Moving Image Art

Black Night | White Light

A solo exhibition of video works incorporating motion-captured avatar characters, spoken word performance, virtual go-go dancers, a neo-futuristic ‘altarpiece’, and a conspicuous overabundance of 3D animated trompe l’oeil visual effects.

Black Night White Light at SL Gallery, NYC

SL Gallery presents a diverse range of work that merges contemporary art, lighting and technology. This exhibition marks the artist’s debut solo exhibition in New York City.

Works featured in the exhibition:

MALE.Dictions, the show’s centerpiece, depicts a procession of ‘talking head’ 3D avatars engaged in poetic monologues, ranging from the emotional to the philosophical to the utterly absurd.

Global Illuminations is a projected animated marquis and/or cyberspace ‘altarpiece’. Totemic forms, glowing sigils and poetic neon texts flicker and stream across a luminescent mosaic surface, evoking the spiritual light of cathedral windows and the cool futurity of ‘80s science fiction.

Holy Mountain presents the flip-side of MALE.Dictions’ Cartesian dualism. A different kind of virtual body emerges: gendered, naked, muscled, pleasure seeking… but headless, mute and anonymous. Projected in a custom-built peepshow ‘backroom’ of creaking floorboards, rainbow glows and the slap of dancing feet, viewers are confronted with the erotic body-horror of the uncanny valley.

Male.Dictions-3-cc web.jpeg