Neo Past Forward: Light Year Program 22 Curated by Lee Wells

These images are from the past weekend, "Neo Past Forward v1.0", a group show of video projections on the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Curated by Lee Wells of IFAC for Brooklyn's Leo Kuelbs Collection/Light Year, this show took place simultaneously as both a physical and streaming event between NYC, Berlin, and Athens. Regarding the selection of works, Lee writes (paraphrasing Godard): "The so-called ‘digital’ is not a mere technical medium, but a medium of thought. Yet theorists try to define our times through terms like Post-Internet, Post-Truth, and Post Reality, artists return to praxis by directly engaging their environment through the creation of new philosophical labyrinths and continued détournement of etheric physical situations. Once what was common space and restricted to the city square has now become a public global sphere of influence. Today the public hypersphere has given agency to an inclusive borderless private/public dimension. A super modern avant-garde is investigating and challenging this public/private authority and opens new windows of opportunity in strategic attempts to create new meaning."

It's nice to return to the DUMBO bridge underpass, the site of my 2009 piece 'Camera Rosetum' and innumerable video-oriented public events since. The selection of works for Neo Past Fwd included the animation 'Imaginary Atlas' (click to enlarge) ... a morphing 'map' of a colorful, speculative landscape.

Light Year is an ongoing projection project; visit the Light Year website here.

Photography by James Ensor Parker.