Moving Image Art

Cities & The Sky #3

Cities & The Sky #3 is a site-specific digital animation created with a combination of traditional animation and generative 3D software. Flowing, painterly landscapes merge with undulating geometric skylines as colorful florals bloom across a panoramic video wall.

Cities & The Sky #3 at 150 Media Stream

150 Media Stream is a unique, publicly accessible video wall designed for the lobby of 150 N. Riverside Plaza in Chicago. Each month features an original commission by a different artist, which then enters into general circulation in the collection.

Responding to the wide architectural dimensions of the wall and the open visibility of the surrounding city/skyscape, I made a work that evokes the visual dynamics of landscape painting, the pop graphics of mural art, and the lyricism of abstract art & expanded cinema.

The Cities & The Sky series is inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel Invisible Cities — an allegorical atlas of fantastic cityscapes dynamically connected to the memories and desires of the inhabitants.